NTP Monitoring

Meinberg LANTIME servers with a fw 6.17.004 or higher are enhanced with a new NTP monitoring feature.

This feature enables monitoring of NTP performance of up to 100 external NTP nodes (servers and clients) attached in a local or public network. NTP values, such as offset, delay and jitter are queried regularly from the nodes by a master LANTIME server with the prior activated monitoring feature. Data are polled by a special Meinberg routine similar to ntpdate in intervals configured for each NTP device individually.  A default is set to  64 s.

NTP data received from each client are compared to an internal clock of the master with a highly stable oscillator disciplined to GPS or another reference signal. If predefined offset and stratum limits are exceeded on any of devices being monitored an alarm message is triggered and may be sent via different messaging channels (e.g. email, SNMP trap or other  user defined notification media).

The monitored data may be graphically represented in different time periods: e.g. current day, week and month or in a manual selected range. Moreover, the data can be depicted in adjustable scales to provide a detailed trend or rather a coarse overview through a larger time scale.

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