Time & Frequency Sync Services

Free Hot Line Support

JTelec offers its customers a free hotline, available by phone at +33 (0) :

  • Monday to Thursday  from 8h30 to 12h and from 14h00 to 18h00.
  • Friday from 8h30 to 12h00.

Or by Email : support@jtelec.fr

Warranty Extension

Meinberg products include a standard 3 years warranty period.

If a device fails during warranty period, the device must be sent to JTelec by the customer. The device will be repaired for free by Meinberg, and JTelec will send back the device to the customer at his expenses (France only)

A warranty extension can be proposed up to 10 years (3 + 7 years). This extension can be taken :

  • When device is bought
  • During the standard 3 years warranty period
  • After the standard 3 years warranty period

When extension is taken during or after standard warranty period, the diagnostic file is requested in order to validate proper operation of the device.

Repair time is less that 2 weeks excluding transport time. We recommend acquisition of spare devices for critical operations requiring business continuity.

For customer having preference for annual payment instead of paying all the years at once, it is possible to convert warranty extension into an annual repair contract.

GPS antenna Installation

JTelec relies on partners to ensure the installation of the GPS antenna if required by the customer.

The intended location of the antenna must have as clear view of the sky as possible and must be in accordance with the Meinberg antenna installation guide. The cable ducts must be existing, known and accessible. Customer will define access conditions to the antenna location.

A questionnaire allowing to define installation conditions is sent to the customer. Depending on the answers provided a pre-visit on site  can be organized.

Training and Set-up

JTelec can offer half a day training and set-up for Meinberg equipment on customer’s site. Session includes :

  • General description of GPS, NTP, PTP
  • Equipment description
  • Configuration through Web Interface
  • Equipment start-up

Advanced Customer Support 365 days/year 24h/24

This service includes support via telephone or via email 365 days per year and 24 hours/24, and with 4 hours call back. The service is directly ensured by Meinberg : customer has Id/password to be able to post a “ticket” on a Web portal. The request will be taken into account in less than 4 hours.

The contract is per equipment (serail number to be provided).

Maximum number of tickets is 3 per year. These tickets are independant from the calls given to JTelec free hot line support.

Rapid Replacement Service

Rapid Replacement Service offers customers the possibility to reserve replacement devices, in order to make a fast exchange process possible Replacement devices can be located either in Meinberg factory on on customer site.

This service is available if equipment is installed in western Europe.

These replacement devices are associated to a set of equipments in operation (serial numbers to be provided). For example for 15 equipments in operation, customer can decide to reserve 2 similar devices. Price depends on equipment configuration but also on equipment aging if service is taken after the acquisition of the equipments.

In the event of a hardware system failure the RRS-Service guarantees that a replacement device is shipped on the same day, if Meinberg receives your request on business days until 12pm local time (CET/CEST).

This service includes a maximum of two replacements within a contract period of two years.

The replacement device has a 3 years warranty from shipment date.